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be 21 next year
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  • dont make fun of people who believe or practice in any spirituality
  • dont make fun of people who believe in ghosts/demons/spirits/etc.
  • dont make fun of people who believe in extraterrestrial beings
  • their beliefs arent harming you in the least why the fuck would you mock someone for what they believe in what kind of fucking scumbag are you

i can’t stress this enough. i wish more people understood this. 

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Homer knows what’s up

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Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.

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don’t send me snapchats from something i wasn’t invited to you rude ass bitch

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[H]iding how you really feel and trying to make everyone happy doesn’t make you nice, it just makes you a liar.
Jenny O’Connell, The Book of Luke (via observando)

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I don’t even want to know what my grade was on my essay ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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This movie kills me

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Georgina Dorsett

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