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be 21 next year
i gotta find some quote to go here


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I want to move into an apartment in Manhattan with white floors and big windows. Drink Coffee in central park with my best friend and gossip about that bitch yesterday. Work at a fashion house. Go to a bar downtown with all of my friends on the weekends. Wear my boyfriend’s shirt at home, but extravagant clothes when I go out. And last, but not least - I want to be the type of person, people turn around on the streets and go “she’s someone”.

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I’ll play with your hair
until the weight of the night
anchors your eyes shut.

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Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.
read this on here today and i haven’t stopped thinking about this quote since (via pluiedem)

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Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”

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Butterfly Lands On Little Boy’s Face

Feed me the child

The first sacrifice

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Please be kidding.

(This is why we can’t have nice things.)

whoever blocked out that girl’s credit card info

thank you

"The scientists found out that pluto dont exist"
I sigh for humanity

And no one had the courage to tell them their mistakes…

The mex n the comma one lmao

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